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Olivico Gift Box

Olivico Gift Box

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From my family to yours, I'm delighted to share one of my favorite aspects of visits to Lima. Olivico Organic Olive Farm, founded and cultivated by Jose and Margit Vico with a vision to create an organic and sustainable olive farm. Three decades have passed, and now their daughter, Carol, has become an integral part of this family business. With her vision and determination, she's leading the charge as they step into the next phase of bringing Olivico to the United States.

Indulge the culinary lovers in your life with our delectable Organic Olive Gift Assortment, presented in a hand-woven basket. This carefully curated selection of organic olive products is a tasteful and thoughtful gift for any occasion.


  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml
  • Organic Black Olive Paste 7 oz
  • Organic Dehydrated Olives with Herbs 8 oz
  • Dehydrated Mango 1.4 oz


About Olivico

Olivico is dedicated to crafting and delivering premium, organic products.  Olive trees thrive under the gentle caress of the Peruvian sun and the embrace of the salty sea air. Each olive is handpicked at the peak of perfection, ensuring that every product we offer is a true masterpiece of nature's bounty.

We are on a mission to build a world where organic excellence is within everyone's reach and where our business practices serve as a catalyst for a healthier, more sustainable planet. Join us in this journey toward a brighter, greener future.

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Organic Peruvian Olives
We're not just a company, we are a family. Our unwavering commitment is to craft and deliver exceptional organic products that embody both health and sustainability where our business practices serve as a catalyst for a healthier, more sustainable planet.