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Abeja Baskets

Abeja Baskets

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Elevate your storage needs with the enchanting allure of our Totora Reed baskets, a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's resources and timeless artistry. Each basket are thoughtfully handwoven from Totora Reeds sustainably harvested from the coastal wetlands to the plateaus of Lake Titicaca.

Each basket serves as elegant storage solution.

  • Small 8" x 8"
  • Medium 12" x 10"
  • Large 18" x 14"
  • 100% Totora Reed
  • Handwoven in Peru
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While Totora reeds are primarily associated with boat construction in the Lake Titicaca region, they also have various other uses in the local culture, including for making mats, handicrafts, and even as a source of food. The reeds play a significant role in the livelihoods and traditions of the people living in this area, showcasing the resourcefulness and craftsmanship of the indigenous communities.