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Tierra Pillow Chestnut

Tierra Pillow Chestnut

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Monotone earthy hues come together with ultra soft handspun wool to creat and weave soft textures into your home.

Each piece is meticulously handwoven on traditional looms by skilled artisans. They proudly uphold indigenous techniques passed down through generations. Rich, earthen colors are derived from botanicals hand picked from the nearby countryside, adding a touch of nature's splendor to these creations.

  • 22" x 22"
  • 100% Botanically Dyed Handspun
  • Zipper closure with Cotton Backing
  • Insert Included
  • Dry Clean Only
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      These traditional textiles allow the local crafters to continue and pass on indigenous techniques. Hand spun yarns are botanically dyed with plants foraged from the nearby countryside in small batches by the skilled hands of women artisans outside of Cusco, Peru.